Computer noise in monitors

I’ve got a laptop, steinberg ci2 interface and krk rokit 5 monitor speakers. There’s a constant noise coming from the speakers. I don’t get it through my headphones only through the speakers. It’s not the speakers because I used to get it when I monitored through my amp.

Anyone else had this problem before ? Or any ideas on what best to do?



can you describe the noise? a hum? a buzz?

do you have a dimmer on the lights in the room? :slight_smile: heehee

A little bit of shielding goes a long way. Cheap cables may amplify the problem - try using 1/4" balanced cables. Some copper sheet, as is used to line the electronics cavity of guitars, may help also.

Thanks for the replies.

No dimmers.

The noise definitely can’t be described as a buzz. It goes louder and quiter over the space of about 2 seconds. It’s quite high pitched. The only time it changes is when u click to load a song or somethin.

Maybe put somethin underneath the laptop? If it is the cables I wanna try an get around havin to spend money on new cables

Did u mean put a copper sheet under the laptop?

Okay… then it’s something reacting with your hard drives.

Here was a big one for me: where do you keep your cell phone while working? is it right near / on the computer? near the monitors? keep it away from both!

Plus i know that guitar pickups can absolutely react with harddrives too, and if you’re plugged in and ready to record, that will absolutely make some hard disk noise.

Okay so I’ve found the problem.

It’s the power supply to the laptop. The noise only comes through when in cubase but yeah, if I turn the power supply off the most of the noise goes.

There’s still a little noise there but nowhere near as much