Computer/OS audio + Nuendo to same outputs (route internally)?

What I want:

The computer/OS/Software audio output to go into Nuendo, and then from there out to my Lynx TWO-B sound card.

Currently I see no way of getting audio internally into Nuendo from the OS/browsers/software without using some sort of virtual patching like Voicemeeter. However, the only way I got that to work was by setting the OS output to that device, but then also using its driver in Nuendo as an input. As soon as I do that I lose the Lynx drivers and the card no longer appear as a viable output in Nuendo.

That would have been fine if I then could return the output of Nuendo back to Voicemeeter and have it access my Lynx outputs instead. In other words, OS->VMeeter->Nuendo-.VMeeter->Lynx. However, that won’t work because VMeeter only has I/o set up in a way that causes feedback.

Does anyone have any solutions to this?

Am I missing something fundamental here?

Hey Mattias,

Not 100% understand the Q, but ; Guess you need a compatible WDM function as part your ASIO hardware package. (Multi client ??)
If I’m wrong , sorry.
I use my Allen & Heath console (GS-R24M) for audio I/O that allows me to assign PC playback to any pair of outputs on my board. The built in interface runs on FW400 and is rock solid for Nuendo and Pro Tools. 32 in & out.

cheers :slight_smile:

In RME Totalmix you have loopback, this sends a hardware output back to the corresponding software input.
I route Windows Audio to output 185-186 (MADI FX card) and loop it back to input 185-186. In Nuendo controllroom I have this input configured as external input, which I also can dial as track input and record it.
I do not know if Lynx has a similar option. Otherwise a hardware loopback could be a possibility.


This is the only way I could get it to work too.

Thanks for your input and suggestions…

I think you’re partially misunderstanding me though. Lemix is probably right that I need a multi-client driver for my Lynx device.

The problem is that as soon as I enable sound output from let’s say Spotify (just as an example), and I set that to the default Windows output, and that in turn goes straight to my Lynx card, Nuendo won’t take control of the card. The opposite is also true. If I boot Nuendo with Windows output set to something else I can get Nuendo to take control over the Lynx, but now Windows won’t route to it.

In and by itself that might not seem like a problem, but if I want Spotify to get into Nuendo and then to my main outputs (Lynx) the solution - it seems to me - can’t be routing through the Lynx. A hardware output looping back to a software input still means out from Nuendo back to Nuendo, and doesn’t involve other software since Nuendo won’t share with the OS.

I mentioned Voicemeeter because it creates a virtual connection between software, and it would have worked if it only had more mixing possibilities. I’m able to give it access to my Lynx, send to Nuendo, send from Nuendo back to Voicemeeter, but at that point it will mix the original input (Spotify) with the returned input (Spotify after having gone through Nuendo) and output both to my sound card. Due to a tiny delay it sounds crappy rather than giving me full-blown feedback.

So, either I’d need a multi-client driver (don’t know of any) or a software solution that allows for better virtual I/o (don’t know of any)…

Here is the thing Lydiot ( :wink: )
Guessing the Lynx driver doesn’t allow this.
This is what my ASIO does for Windows in-out routing :

I remember there used to be a Steinberg wrapper for it ??
OH >> whatever …

Keep digging…should be some sw for that…
BTW…you didn’t get N8 yet I reckon…What PT version are you using ?

Have you considered using Dante Via by Audinate? Not sure it meets your exact need, but it will route OS audio o a destination of your choice.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear from the get-go; I wanted to do this internally only, not by getting more cards/interfaces.

Andrew, I’ll check out that driver! Thanks!