Computer/OS audio + Nuendo to same outputs?

What I want:

The computer/OS/Software audio output to go into Nuendo, and then from there out to my Lynx TWO-B sound card.

Currently I see no way of getting audio internally into Nuendo from the OS/browsers/software without using some sort of virtual patching like Voicemeeter. However, the only way I got that to work was by setting the OS output to that device, but then also using its driver in Nuendo as an input. As soon as I do that I lose the Lynx drivers and the card no longer appear as a viable output in Nuendo.

That would have been fine if I then could return the output of Nuendo back to Voicemeeter and have it access my Lynx outputs instead. In other words, OS->VMeeter->Nuendo-.VMeeter->Lynx. However, that won’t work because VMeeter only has I/o set up in a way that causes feedback.

Does anyone have any solutions to this?

Am I missing something fundamental here?