Computer recommendations for Cubase 11 Pro

Currently using a 2015 Macbook Pro with 16gb ram. It’s great for being so old but I’d like to move on.

I’m considering an iMac. I know this sub veers more towards PC. And I’ve also had probably my most technically savvy friend proselytize PC life to me. I have nothing against PC. I don’t fall into the category of being an Apple fanboy. I’d just like to remain in the MacOS ecosystem.

I use probably about 10-25 instances of Kontakt and then record a lot of live instrumentation stuff. In addition to this I will have probably about 3-5 effects on half the tracks.
What are the minimum specs you’d recommend? Is it worth it getting an Intel based one? Also, I’d like to use a MacOS older than Big Sur.
Anyone here using an iMac?

I am PC User, but in your case i wouldn´t think about Intel Macs anymore. Plus, you are lucky, today is a Apple Keynote: Apple Events - Apple (DE)