Computer running Cubase elemnts 7 died

I bought, downloaded and installed cubase 7 elements last year. I used the elicences software version rather then usb dongle and kept the install file for cubase 7 on that pc (very silly of me). The computer has since died (hard drive is kaput!). I now have a new lap top and would like to set up again. How do i go about a recovery/ reactivation process for cubase 7. I have my license codes and the product was registered ?


I hope someone’s who knows the steps answers this. Similar may apply to a major system update as I believe the change is not recognized by the licenser. My E7 is installed on an iMac and we have a new system coming soon.

For a new computer:
I am presuming that you install Cubase from the downloaded disc copy you made, then go to My Steinberg and ask for a re activation code. I am guessing that somewhere you have to key-in the ‘used’ activation code. Steinberg sends and email with a new activation code that is them entered into the activation area of the soft licenser. Then all is well … I think! It is a bit scary!
Basic steps would be helpful…


this kind of cases can’t be solved by other users in the forum. Please contact Steinberg Support with your order information: info(at)steinberg(dot)de