Computer Set up for cubase 6.

Hi just want to know, is my computer .amd athelon duel core processor, 250 g hardvrive, 2.5 hz processor speed, 5g ram and windows 7. is this good enough to run cubase comfortably.

That all depends on what you will be doing with Cubase. Are you recording many external sources simultaneously, or are you using a lot of VST instruments/effects, do you work with video etc.

That PC should be fine for basic projects with some VSTi’s, some audio tracks and some effect plugins.

Yes, you will be fine, I run almost exactly this configuration as my secondary (ternary really) computer since it has more PCI slots than my quad core computers and it is surprisingly sprightly with Cubase, you can also tune the OS quite a bit to optimise it for audio applications if you feel it is slowing you down (throw out superfluous boot programs, turn off the virus scanner when running Cubase and so on)

Mine is Dual core AMD 2.8 and 6 Gigs of memory but otherwise the same, I get quite large projects going on it

This is a very important topic for me too. With win7, 8gb ram, a AMD Phenom tricore 8450 2,1 and cubase 6, if I open HSE at the fifth sound my vst performance meter is at 100% and clipping sound and stopping notes.
If I open task manager I can see one CPU (core) at 100% busy, and the other two sleeping.
Have you some ideas about any pc configuration to solv this problem?

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Just hate these 3-letter acronymes, when not making clear, what they really mean.

Well it’s not HSO :wink:

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Halion Sonic SE…

No problem. Now … I have no experience on HSE (now we know what it stands for and can use the acronym … and we also know it’s another Steinberg product which SHOULD be fully compatible with Cubase), but you say it’s the “fifth sound” that causes the problem. What do you exactly mean by that: is it 5 simultaneous notes or the 5:th successive note? I think it must be about simultaneous notes … otherwise it’s just too strange (see … I have to make assumptions, because you have not given exact details). So … my next question is: what are CPU and VST performance meters reading when you have 4 simultaneous notes?

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HSE should be fine with 16 instruments loaded, whats your total memory commitment?

I take it it’s W7 (64 bit) and C6 (64 bit) ?

Ok, today I’m trying different setup and the reponse change depending these factors:

  • check or uncheking multicore processing in vst performance options
  • charging one HSSE (from vst list) with more sound until the 16 max you can load in the same instance
  • creating more HSSE instrument tracks
  • changing the latency of my Tascam us 1800 sound card (from highest to lowest)
    In effect the max cpu sharing of the work on my 3 cores come when I set the highest latency, uncheck the multicore processing in vst options and charge more instances of HSSE with one sound (patche? One sound for me is a piano or a bass or a drum sound).
    So now I know that the max of cpu works come from the sound card, and another good test will be recording audio.
    With this configuration my vst performance meter fall down from a 100% to a more “human” 30/35%.
    So with this setting in think now I can finally … Come back from technics to playing music!
    Next text this afternoon with HSO (Halion Sonic Orchestra) but I think it’s the same, cause HSE is treated as a normal sound in HSSE. Here differently the problem could be the ram. I’ll see.
    Thanks to everybody!