Computer Upgrade & Change of Direction

seeking advice.

i’m new to the Forum (first post) and i’ve read as much as i can find on the Forum and Steinberg website before posting. this has however, left me with a couple of queries, together with a wish to introduce myself :mrgreen:

back story >>>
A friend kindly discovered an issue with my laptop’s performance on the weekend (appears to be terminal and/or a mystery - pending a format and reinstall) which is making it rather slow and retarded (even more so than usual).

i’ve decided to take it as an ideal opportunity to upgrade and as such will be building my own desktop beast, primarily for audio production purposes. this will be my first build ever, and i’m certainly excited and feel appreciative of the opportunity presented.

similarly, i’ve also decided to leave Reason and use CuBase exclusively for my production (excepting any Rewire uses), as i’ve slowly been using CuBase more and more.

my question is, can anyone recommend an appropriate motherboard? or will it not matter?
i’ll be going 64-bit, i5 Intel CPU.

also, any other recommendations? (i kinda want to get this right-first-time :open_mouth: )

ummm, yeah…an interesting weekend :laughing:

We’ll need a bit more information I think. What connectivity do you need? Do you have old PCI cards you need slots for, what interface does your soundcard use, how many harddrives are you looking at, how big is the case you want to put it in etc.
Good luck with the build :slight_smile:

no worries, thanks! :slight_smile:
i’m currently using an external soundcard/audio interface with USB 2.0
i’ll be using CuBase for electronic music production using samples and VST’s. I will not be completing any recording/composition except for midi.

here is my current build list…any opinions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Wow that case is expensive! :confused:
PSU as well, but I suppose getting a high efficiency low noise PSU is worth it. I’m not familiar with the brand though.

Some things to consider: getting 16GB ram instead is probably relatively cheap and should be beneficial when running lots of samples. You can however easily add another 8 later, so there’s no rush.
How many monitors will you be using and at what resolution? The onboard videocard on motherboards generally don’t support more than 1 or 2 screens, so check what you need.
An additional harddrive is usually suggested just for samplestreaming. Get 1 drive for projects and software, the other for sample libraries. Streaming everything of a single disc can prove a bottleneck when running big projects.

I use a Fractal Design R3 Case, got it a lot cheaper than that though? Its a good case. £70 = about $110

You have no cooling listed, consider a good CPU fan, don’t use the stock one!

16 gig of good ram can be got cheaply too, shop about. again I got 16gig for about $117

thanks guys, this really helps!

i decided to ring our IT department yesterday and had a good chat with one of the guys there…as a result, the list has since changed!

just to note, the currency is New Zealand Dollar. i didn’t think to mention that, but now that i think about it, it would explain why things appear expensive?! :smiley:

Ah…New Zealand Dollars :smiley:

Still> 70 British pounds sterling = 138 New Zealand dollars according to Google!

So $210 = £106 GBP, is still a big difference for the case

You sure you cant get cheaper by shopping about, maybe NZ is just more expensive than GB ?

Oh… and watch out for IT dudes advice, they are more experienced with corporate and maybe gamers needs that DAW builds? just saying!!!

all good man :slight_smile:

yeah NZ is a bit more expensive than GB, but there are plenty of outlets/suppliers in NZ, so i think shopping around will be my best option!

the list at this time:

Case: Antec 300 Mid Tower
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX
CPU: i5-3470
HDD: Samsung 256GB SSD
RAM: G.Skill 8GB
PSU: Cooler Master Thunder 550W PSU Silent

i’ll also take on-board the advice regarding additional cooling and additional RAM…cheers :smiley:

so i’ve setup the new PC and everything now works sweet.

the only problem i’ve got now is noise from the monitors. they never used to do it on the old laptop, but do it now with the new PC…any suggestions?

i’d really appreciate the help with this one.

it’s not a grounding sound, just a high pitched squeal that seems to mimic the CPU or HDD activity.

Video or Audio Monitors?

Because of the symptom you describe, I’ll assume you mean audio monitors! :slight_smile:

I have an Antec P182 case that is well known for having shielding problems with the front audio connectors. I had to disconnect the short black ground wire from the front connector block to the chassis to get rid of the sound you are describing!

It does not seem to be a far stretch that you may be experiencing a similar issue in that there may be a common between your computer chassis and your monitor amplifier signal input…hence the need to isolate the monitor amplifier signal input ground from your computer chassis!

Anyway, that is where I would start looking!