Computer upgrade

I am using Cubase essential 5 upgraded from Cubase essential 4 on a Pentium 4 mobo , windows XP professional. I am about to upgrade to a multicore setup running windows 7 and want to know if I have to install Cubase essential 4 first and then run the upgrade to essential 5 afterwards and where do I stand on the usb ‘e’ licencer that I upgraded online.?
Thanks , Andy G…

You don’t need to have a previous version installed when upgrading, you can install it from scratch. The license you got a code for I think, which you can enter in the elicenser controlpanel.

Thanks for your quick reponse Strophoid, What you say is probably right and as you can imagine , I want my previous song data to run O.K. on the the upgraded setup. I really like some of the new plugins and virtual instraments but my P4 single core is beginning to run out of puff so I have to upgrade. Regards Andy Mcedit.

If unsure, you can have Cubase 4 and 5 installed simultaneously, so you will always be able to open old projects again as long as you don’t save them in cubase 5.