Computer used by Daniel in tutorial videos?

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to bother you, but if it doesn’t violate any rules, could you tell me which Mac you’re using in the tutorial videos? I’m starting to look for a replacement for my MacBook Pro - something with a decent sized screen,

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It looks like a 27" iMac. Your options are limited: either an iMac or a Mini with a third-party display.

Yes, that’s what I thought but was slightly intrigued by the non-standard keyboard.

I also believe its a 27" Imac…and in at least one of the videos hes using a Cherry keyboard. Please see attachment.
Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 5.40.58 PM.jpg
Thanks Bob

Daniel’s keyboard appears to be a Cherry Stream (or possibly a G85-23100)

It’s anybody’s guess as to why he’s using that!

Thanks for the link, it does look a nice keyboard - perhaps the spill resistance is what attracted Daniel :wink:

It’s not one of Daniels’ computers, I believe it was all shot in the Steinberg office in Hamburg - maybe they like spill resistant. Daniel normally uses a Macbook.

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Since the thread is already way off topic, I’ll add a recommendation for this keyboard:

It is the best I have ever had (I have the German version), and Logitech now seem to have figured out how to make drivers that actually work. I keep it well out of the way of my tea mug, but it is actually very easy to clean and needs no batteries!

(I am not paid for writing this!)


Totally! I have two of these both wirelessly connected to the same receiver dongle on my desktop. They stay charged up, have no cables, and typing on them is great. They have taken a lot of punishment, and keep on working. (I am not paid for writing anything! :wink: )

They do look really nice, but would they work on a Mac?

They have a Mac version and a PC version. I’m actually using the Mac version with my PC. Also, I have found these quite cheaply on ebay.

I’ve got one of those Logitech wireless keyboards as well (on PC) - combined with a mouse, so you only need one wireless USB thing to stick into your computer USB port.

Works really well, and at $22 won’t break the bank.

Thanks, I’ll definitely check these out.

This is a different keyboard- uses batteries. The one cited above is solar powered. Mmmm solar. :wink:

Since it already sparked so much interest and speculation, I checked the room where the video was shot, and it is actually a Cheery G230 keyboard.

It’s a standard keyboard here in our office. IT buys them for us, so whenever someone needs a new keyboard, they pull one out from the stock. I’m also typing this on the same model. Very comfortable…

Thanks Ulf, it’s actually very interesting to get glimpses into the working lives of the people who produce such great software for us.

You want more? Soooooo, I get up in the morning at 6:30, have breakfast, go by bicycle to the station, catch the train to Hamburg, arrive in the office, have a coffee,… :wink:

…then do some work? :wink:

Yes, at times…? But let’s stop joking. I think at the end of the day the work and daily life here is not so different to other companies that produce software. We also have plenty of meetings and quarrel over best concepts and the like. What’s special here at Steinberg, the majority of people here are musicians (on whatever level) themselves and are wholeheartedly doing their job for the sake of bringing you the best tools for music creation. It’s not a job, it’s our vocation.