Computer Wiped Would like Some help restarting everything

Microsoft … in helping me set up a new Windows edition told me all my files would remain and it all would be fine. All my files were wiped clean. Meaning everything not backed up externally in the last 6 months has been lost :sob: I had an external drive sitting there - should have, could have, didn’t. I will never trust anyone again on these issues.

Anyway I have begun downloading all of my music making programs. I have Cubase 12 Artist back, Waves, Library Manager, Activation Manager, Download Assist, the Ilok Manager and a few Izotope products. I am yet to get my old Toontrack drums to work but that’s for another time.

BUT when I go into Cubase I cant see Halion (not exactly sure what version I have), Groove Agent, and of the other Virtual Instruments and other audio editing tools like SpectraLayers. I don’t see these things in the Activation Manager and the Library Manager is empty.

Does anyone have a suggestion to get the missing apps back up and running? What is the easiest way to do this?

Having lost so much music, film documents etc I am so devastated at the moment.

Thanks to anyone who has suggestions.

Sorry to hear. Rule number 1 about PC’s: Microsoft lies.

I would probably start by going to your My Steinberg account page and see which programs you have licenses for. Then start downloading them and any additional content (Cubase has quite a bit , so make sure you get it all). You may need the eLicenser Control Center in addition to the Activation Manager for any software other than the latest Cubase, Dorico, Wavelab, Groove Agent and a few expansions.

Thanks for the reply SF. You’re correct there. I was telling them “this doesn’t sound right” and they were like ‘trust me’ one issue I had (which was the main reason they wiped my files ) I told them how to solve through a bit of an Internet search. I must… breath…control the rage… calm thoughts…

I did go to the My Steinberg page and that is where I was able to get the shell (or whatever its called) for Cubase but I don’t know how to access the other products I mentioned.

So are you missing the 'SE versions of HALion and Groove Agent and Spectralayers that come with Cubase or do you mean the full paid separately versions?
The SE versions that come with Cubase will all be available to download from the Cubase section in the download manager.

If you need the full versions, they will be in their own section of the download manager under VST Instruments.

Does that help?

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Thanks SF. That did the trick. I did not click on the C12 folder because I thought ‘I have that.’ Sorry for the late reply and thanks again.

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