Computer with Cubase on it STOLEN. Help!!

Hi, my house recently got ran through and my computer was stolen … I had cubase artist 7 registered and uploaded on that computer… I still have my dongle usb and all my papers and everything… Question is, is there anything Cubase can do to allow me to upload my stuff onto a new computer, maybe by deactivating the old one or something? Idk gonna call them soon , thought I’d ask on here first! Thank u!

If you still ave the dongle with the license on it, you need not worry. If you don’t have the installer discs or file, contact support.

Awesomeee !!! Thank u so much!!!

Sorry to hear that some complete scum stole your gear. :angry: As far as Cubase is concerned the important part you still have, so all you need to do is install Cubase on your new computer and plug the dongle in. If you don’t have the disk just download the install program from ‘My Steinberg’ everything you have purchased should be available for you to download from there.