Computer won't boot if CMC is attached - SOLVED

I have a brand CMC-PD, installed the 1.1.0 driver software on my Windows 7 computer, it sort of works, but with issues. The computer will not boot up if the CMC-PD is attached. It freezes before Windows will start. If I detach the CMC-PD and hard reboot (because the computer is frozen), everything boots up fine. Once Windows is up, I can attach the CMC-PD and start Cubase 6.5 and everything works.

This, however, is clearly a bug. It is extremely inconvenient to not be able to leave the CMC-PD attached, especially considering the extremely inconvenient reality that Cubase is incapable of recognizing newly attached controllers once it has already started. So in daily practice, it goes something like this: turn on the computer, notice it freezes, disconnect the CMC, reboot, start Cubase, realize the CMC is not attached, exit Cubase, attach the CMC, restart Cubase… what was that musical idea again?

Solved - I had upgraded the CMC Tools, but not the firmware. (doi!) Now everything is fine.