Computers and licenses

I’m loving the way Cubase 7 looks and thinking about trying the demo to possibly buy. My only question though is I’m about to start getting my Master’s degree at a school and they don’t have Cubase on their computer. If I buy Cubase 7, is the dongle license all I need to download Cubase 7 on the school computer and then use it there?


Where ever the dongle goes, that is where the program will work.
Doesn’t matter how many computers the program is loaded on, the only one that will function is
the computer that has the dongle attached.

You night want to check with the school to get permission to install a program they will not own.

Also, consider looking to an EDUcation version of Cubase.


Technically correct, but legally incorrect.

Now, if you want to install Cubase into a computer in your school, you may do it as long as the computer is “in your posession” (you’re sitting before this computer), but after you leave this computer, it definitely is not “in your posession” and you’ll have to uninstall Cubase.

I’m sure they didn’t mean it that way in “in your posession”…

It doesn’t matter whom the computer belongs to, as anyone else without the eLisencer cannot use it anyway.

Not sure what they ment, but I interpret “in your possession” as “you can control the use of the computer”. In which case I think it’s one of:

  1. You own it.
  2. Only you are using this computer (in OP’s case only during the period he is sitting before it).
  3. You are supervising this computer (can decide who is using it and who isn’t).

In practice, yes. You can do no harm to Steinberg by installing Cubase on any computer you ever use and I doubt they would sue you for doing so, but legally “Terms & Conditions” limits your freedom on installing Cubase to any computer. And further nitpicking: I’m not legally limited by “Terms & Conditions”, because they are not provided in any of the official languages of my country. And law in my country requires this for them to apply :sunglasses: .