con"fused" again with some guitar synth

another of my attempts to meld styles, not the greatest mix I had to comp some tracks unfortunately, but getting gem to add guitar synth action to the track was the most important thing. she let me play around with her line and I’m glad she liked it, was enough for me.
hopefully someone enjoys it, I can alter the 24 bit master if need be. getting top end was a bitch because of some of the hissy sounds, they just pierced when more top end was applied

Northern Lights

hi bob ,some great sounds ,great feel ,excellent guitar playing ,downloaded thanks , the track seems to settle down once it gets to 0.55 ,it would be nice the track starting from around 0.55 then having the beggining in the middle somewhere as a kind of break or relief sort of thing and then… back down to business again, sublime guitar ,gonna TRY!! nick some of them licks .cheers. :sunglasses:

hey ya that might have created something more interesting in the middle. I came all glued about trying some reverse stuff for a kind of arabic opening with dancing lights, I was locked in, lol. have at it my friend and glad you like.

Hello, the ghost of Mr Fripp has entered the studio. :wink:

Nice sounds and lines, me likey lots. Agree it takes a little while to settle and get going.
Not the greatest mix, but you’ve already told us that. Would be great
if you could work on it some. I for one like it, my cup o’ cha for sure.

My big nit is that final piano, really G-MIDI. Take that one out and shoot it please.

thankyou jet, I really do appreciate your cander, it helps to keep me aware. I’m hitting my m1 with a hammer as I type this, lol. gem like the piano stabs through the track and wanted me to bring it in more somewhere, I should’ve spent more time thinking about that. fact I shouldn’t have even bothered, oh well live and learn I say. I’m happy you liked something in the track though, so not all bad.

i notice there you say “she” is gem a female guitarist.

yes she tours the states regularily under only gem. definitely one of the best I’ve heard, was kind of amazing she heard something from me and thought my compositions were interesting enough that during a break she offered to quickly bang something off with me. the pressure to come up with something for her was a bit daunting, I did the best I could on short notice. I doubt it will happen again but she didn’t rule it out either, if it does I will bring it here from start to finish and truly shoot for perfection.
thankyou for your confidence gem, I’ll never forget it.

your compositions are definatley interesting enough bob.bloody hell bob ,ive never seen so many double entendres in all my life quote " she offered to quickly bang something off with me" un quote. lovely. im not being sexist or anything but did you ask her to do the washing up and knock up some food after she was done :smiling_imp: ,sorry just joking. ive never heard a woman play so good ,shes a Star.the line she plays round(that is a guitar synth isn`t it) 3.52 is hardcore pat metheny.

:laughing: something tells me we’d have made a good pub team, lol. with fingers that can tickle a guitar like that I just can’t even fathom how good the rest of it would be. oh man! after I got over deep purple “in rock” lyle mayes and pat metheny were my freakin heroes. funny you mention that section, I took a slice of an earlier part of her track, pitch stretched reversed it to fit and slipped it under her lead part there, she loved it bigtime. funny thing I’ve worked with guitarists that weren’t as good as her and often was told don’t you dare touch my track, put it in and leave it as is. she let me mess around a bit which made me feel comfy with her. I think that was the gr-33 there and an old boss was also used.
one thing is really killing me now, I’ve been wanting to do a straight up cliche messy rock song. I’ve started the backtrack and put down bass, drums and a rhythm guitar. I was going to try vocals and lead myself to but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. if you’re interested in hearing the backtrack so far I’ll post it here.

i`m having a resurgence with deep purple at the moment blackmore has got tons of personality in his playing “made in japan” is a dream.

wow ,those parts sound like they were made together ,it sounds like a 2,5, line over a 2,5, chord sequence.

yeh bang it up lets have a listen.

I just replayed the drums I was way too cute, I wanted mental, I think I got it braindead now, :laughing: thats how I envisioned it. nothings mixed so its all loud and unproud. I asked jas if she’d like to try singing to it, lol she laffed hard…I guess I’m on my own

peerok demo

:laughing: nice. sounds good like a cross between van halen the who and the sex pistols .ill have a blast at putting something down on it but will have to wait while sunday ,im giging from thurs till sat , i`m standing in on one gig and am just in the process of learning some new/old tunes.

coolness, I put the wave file tonight. ya go ahead and muck around with it. no hurries no worries I’m leaving on a fishing trip sunday and won’t be back till my beer money runs out. since I just got my tax refund I should be gone for a few days at least. who in here can do johnny rotten vocals :laughing: maybe I’ll try something when I get back

edit to remove wavfile. anyway have fun and go nutzzz!

ok cheers bob

no probs. good luck with the gig, knock their tops off

Really enjoyable piece. The guitar was lovely, but so was the bass and drums - sounded great.