Concatenating two flows into one?

Please can someone help. I’ve done a search but haven’t found anything that quite answers this question.

The problem: Dorico failed to import an .xml file properly - probably an error in the file (but no error message came up). It picked up the first 98 bars and the remaining 150 or so were empty bars filled with rests. I remade the .xml file and imported it again with the same result).
I trimmed the empty bars off the .dorico file and saved it.
I then took the original (reaper) file and deleted the first 98 bars to make a new .xml.
Dorico successfully imported this file. As it has the same ‘players’ and staves, it concatenated it with the previous trimmed one. Nice surprise!
Except the new flow restarts the bar numbering at 1.

Is there a way of forcing the bar numbering of this second flow to start at 99?
(Sorry if I’m being naive and a bit of a nuisance, I’ve only had this software just over a week and there’s lots to learn.)

Insert a Bar Number Change (Write Mode, Edit menu, Bar numbers, Add bar number change) at the beginning. (More info here).

It seems to me you ended up with two flows now, where you actually may have wanted just one (but manipulating and splitting the XML file obviously was a clever move). Unfortunately, there’s no real flow merging tool in Dorico, in case you’ve been looking for it. But copy and paste shouldn’t be too much of a challenge in this case.

In general, if Dorico chokes on something unruly in the XML, it’s often a triplet or other rhythmical peculiarity in the original. Sometimes, just deleting that one misaligned tuplet in the source file will make the XML well-formed. Of course, you’ll need to re-enter a handful of notes after import, but at least you have most of the original in one piece.

(BTW: asking questions, however elementary, is not a nuisance, it’s what this forum is [also] for! Hope you enjoy learning Dorico.)

(Edit: changed link to manual from 3.1 to 3.5. Shouldn’t make much difference in this case, however.)

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Many thanks.
Peculiar indeed. There were a few “detailed” things going on in the offending bar(s) - the .xml was taken directly from reaper minus the hidden keyswitches - but nothing that hadn’t appeared elsewhere in the earlier part of the file.

(Edit) The remaining problem is ties across the bars from the original flow to the new one. I may have to draw them in somehow as the tie ‘tool’ doesn’t work.
No matter I’ll get the rest of the work done then see what I can do with that. (/edit). Thanks again. Rescuing it avoids re-inputting 114 bars x 30 staves resolved to 1/16 notes.

Edit 2: found the work-around: Add an empty bar to the 1st flow; copy and past all the notes including ties from the first bar of the 2nd flow then delete the first bar of that 2nd flow.