Concensus on CC121 to keep or return?

I have quite a few projects in C5.5 & some in 6.5. I have C7 on order. My Mackie Control is taking up more space than I like. I decided to order the CC121, but after reading posts here I wonder if I should send it back. The projects in C5.5 & C6 I plan to finish in those versions rather than trying to export them to C7, so I suppose the CC121 will be useful there.
Is there any reason to think Steinberg will only come up with a “patch” fix for the CC121 to use in C7 as opposed to a software revision that it integrates with C7 , at least as well as with C5.5 or C6?

Hopefully it won’t be similar to the demise of NI’s Kore controller which still had a lot of promise :frowning:

They’ve stated that it will be fixed, and there’s no reason not to expect it to be fixed. The CC121 is excellent.