[Concept] Lower Zone & Inspector

here some ideas to organize lower zone

look at attachments.

i make this concept with Audio, but it also can be done with MIDI

I think its more ergonomicall use empty space.




The problem with your suggestion is that the empty area you you indicate with a question mark is not necessarily empty. Depending on how someone configures what shows in an Editor’s Inspector and how many Inspector Tabs they keep open, that area can be filled with controls.

you right only if, you not working with vari audio at the moment.

when you tunning audio with variaudio parametrs too far away from “audio blocks”, in 4k monitor its more obviously.

for example you have long vocal track, and you need to tune it fast, make some: quantize pitch,Straighten pitch, find right position & etc. if you do something wrong you go to reset “Block”… and you need to move cursor back & forth for every single operation.

it makes little bit annoying

& after you switch to project window, Vari Audio parameters can hide like now.

to simplify this concept: Just move Vari Audio parameters beside audio blocks :slight_smile: