[Concept] Users to Users Library HUB (Macros,Tips'n'Tricks,Guides & etc.)

Since Forum is not convinient for skill exchange (especially with new desighn), and many of us don’t want to open browser, spending time to find specific macros, and so on.

Be much more easy, if we can open inside Cubase/Nuendo “Users Library” where all helpfull information be categorized. I’m talking practice solutions. Steinberg Help are good, but its not for Advanced users, and its just explain how it works, not how we can impliment in our workflow (yes tips’n’tricks)
Maybe! Some forum topics can be integrated inside this “HUB”

Cubase/Nuendo - very powerfull DAW, but with time, we have so much more new tools, that we do not have time to learn the previous ones, or even didn’t know of already exist features.

Thats why we need this kind of “HUB”.