Conceptual Cleanup - a suggestion

Hi all - let me start with: This is for sure no rant! :). It is also not actually a “single feature request”, but a more gerneral request which - imho - would help a lot of us if delivered/implemented. So, here we go:
Cubase is a very mature and “old” product - in the sense that it has a long history where of course many conceptual decisions were taken at certain points in old times and things have changed which renders some of the conceptual decisions as outdated or no longer appropriate.
One of the areas where this applies (at least for me) is the “preset” and especialls “Audio Interfaces” topic. Cubase currentl is conceptually designed in a way that the Audio Interface, Audio Connections and a lot of presets are seen as fixed for a single project as long as it remains in the same “studio”. This btw. also applies to the Controlroom - which is bound to the “Studio” (=COmputer and ONE audio interface along with a set of connections).
Today many users have more than one audio interface - and we accept that they cannot be used simultanuously. But what we would need is the option to switch audio interfaces in a single project at any point in time. Of course this “switching” results in the need to also change the audio connections automatically along with the interface. A similar thing is the presets area for audio connections - see all the postings about External FX, etc.
What am I suggesting? The request is that Steinberg systematically challenges the concept of “what is bound to what” (Which properties are project related, which are interface related, which are computer related, etc.) and models the whole thing concetutally adapted to the changed requiremnts that exist today. This would as a result lead to the opportunity for cleanups and improvements - step by step. Something that is for sure natural for a product that evolves over time and concepts are unitendetly preserved and/or “violoated” by incremental feature-additions.
I hope that many of you, community members, understand what I am suggesting and I also hope, Steinberg has an eye on this important topic.

PS.: To follow up on the interface/ports topic: The audio interface used at a given point in time is logically equivalent to any other external device that is connected. So the logical “connectors” should be named ports which can be assigned to busses and/or external devices (FX, Instruments, Interface). This way switching any of the external devices would not break anything logically and technically.