Concern about Steinberg Support with Nuendo

Hi everybody. I’m a little worried about Steinberg. I have been using Nuendo since 2001 and these days customer support no longer responds to submitted requests / tickets. Often been up to several months with no response. I think such a high quality software and quite expensive should also make the customer suppport work much much faster.

Greeting from land of ice and snow

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Have you tried the email they have listed on this page where it says, “Nuendo customers can use this email address”

Not yet, but I think I should. Just wondering, why there is an option to create ticket with Nuendo if mail is better.

Thanks for advice.

That, I do not know. Is there any particular reason you don’t ask here in the forum?

I have asked all ready, but no help.

Please direct us with a link to the post with your issue. Maybe someone here can help.

All I can say is that, when I upgraded from Nuendo 1.5.2 to 10, (wow that was amazing btw), once I contacted their parent company Yamaha, suddenly things went a lot faster. This was the year they had their 20th Anniversary upgrade sale, so they were slammed with work.

KUDOS to Yamaha and Steinberg, I do hope they get more employees on the Steinberg support so it takes less time, and I hope your issue gets resolved soon.