Concerned that my CC121 is malfunctioning

Can the CC121 control midi volume? If so, how do I assign (CC #07) it?

You don’t have to adjust anything. On a MIDI-Track the volume fader of the CC121 automatically controls the MIDI volume (CC07) .

I’m concerned that my CC121 is malfunctioning. It is not responding to either audio volume or midi volume control. When editing in the arrange window, the CC121 fader respondes but it’s not reciprocal. Is there a preference that I have not addressed. Sure could use some guidance. Thanks.

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Same for me. When I use a fader in Cubase, the Fader on the CC 121 follows, but when moving the fader on the CC 121, nothing happens in Cubase. The device is brand new…
I suppose this is an issue in the CC 121?

I’m having the same problem. And I think it’s since I updated to the latest version of Cubase