Concerning Audio I/O & AirPods Pro


I found a better way to ask this question so here goes;

I’m an iPhone User new to Cubasis & an [at least] intermediate user of GarageBand iOS.
& in GB iOS, you can use AirPods as an Audio Output, while using the iPhone’s built in mic as an Audio Input. As AirPods Pro are always with me along with my iPhone it makes it really convenient to demo ideas, or even make complete works, with just those two items; the trade off being that I then cannot monitor the audio I’m recording in real-time which doesn’t hinder my workflow. I have ER4SR’s as well, so it’s not that I’m anti wired headphones. However it’s really nice to not have to use them as they can be cumbersome by comparison.

Previously Lars kindly responded to me saying it wasn’t possible & I wanted to follow up asking why it was possible within Apple Software but not in this case & if it was an issue of proprietary hard/software integration that Steinberg & others don’t benefit from. I’d love to know the technical details/challenges behind this issue to have a holistic understanding of the topic at hand. & I’m hoping in asking a clearer question, perhaps my desired resolution may appear in a future update.

With Gratitude,
Marcus Broderick Montgomery