Concert Help with Cubase 5

Hey folks,

I am fairly new to Cubase and I am really enjoying learning. I have a question that I can’t seem to find on any posts.

I recorded a concert of a band that wanted the whole thing in one shot, so I got the crowd noise and the between song talk. They also had me make tracks of just the songs. I can place markers between the start and stop of each song and copy the information to a new project and edit away with no problem. The song plays just fine but I noticed when I went to edit tracks near the markers, I noticed that the data from the entire concert is there in the back ground. Even more, when I try to use tempo detection or vari-audio, they try to process the entire concert track and then Cubase locks up. What I want to know is how to just get the data from one song on a project with out the rest of the concert in the back ground so I can process tempo detection and vari-audio to correct vocal mistakes? Does that make sense… or how do I get the tools to look at and process only the section of the recording?

Any help would be a BIG BIG help!


You need to “bounce selection” the single parts (Audio menu or roght click the file(s)), which will create new file(s) with the length of the selection.