Concert key chord symbols with a trasposing instrument

hello everybody … Sometimes i have to write for players (including myself,actually) who play a trasposing instrument (like any kind of saxophone or trumpet) who naturally prefer to read the music transposed as it should be, but if there are chord symbols they would like to have the chord progression not to be transposed. They prefer to read the chords in concert key, as if they were a piano player. I have not found an option to set the ‘instrument definition’ in a way that makes this possible. I guess there is a possibility to do that. Thanks

You can do this with a Capo, even if that’s sort of illogical with a wind instrument. Like if I have this …

… I can switch to “Show Transposed Chord Symbol for Capo” to get this:

(Dizzy Gillespie and Joe Henderson famously only wanted concert changes in their Bb parts too. I’m pretty close to preferring that myself as well.)

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Hi FredGUnn … thanks for your reply … it seems to be a very good solution (although, as you say, just a bit illogical for a wind instruments) … I’ll give it a try tomorrow, hope i will manage to make it work … I appreciate

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Fred, it worked!.. thank you … you can’t imagine how much I appreciate.

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