Concert key written clean, transposed it's a mess

Hey folks,

I’m using Dorico to write for a sax quintet and I’m having a very annoying time after I click the button to show me the transposed keys of the saxes. Often I’ll see flats appearing in sharp keys, lots of “B#”'s instead of simply writing a “C”, occasional double-sharps… Does anyone have a writing routine that makes this much easier at the end? I don’t want to have to police every single bar of every part to make sure it’s legible.


Without seeing exactly what’s going on, this is going to be hard to diagnose.

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I’ll give an example or two.

I’m writing a tune in C. I want the transposed parts (alto and tenor sax, for example) to show up in D and A, both sharp keys.

I write an A# in concert key in the alto part (as I want it to remain in sharps) and the tranposed part gives me a F double sharp instead of a G. Why do I need to write in flats all of a sudden in concert key in order to get a G natural?

I write an A# in the soprano part and I get a B# instead of C natural.

I’m glad Dorico is being all technical, but isn’t there a way to bypass this and make it easier for the readers? No sax player wants to deal with that. We’re simple creatures.

Cheers, Rick

If Dorico did it like you wanted, I guess the other half of the user base would complain :wink:

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Dorico is trying to keep the transposition the same for all notes.

C to D is a major 2nd, so it’s going to transpose the A♯ up a major 2nd, which is why it’s giving you B♯, not C♮.

Can we actually see the music? I feel like either the B♯ is indeed correct or the A♯ should actually be a B♭. But we would need to see the music to make that call.

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Hmmm., OK, go on… :grin:

Then you’ve got what you asked for. A# is a ‘remote note’ in C major, so it’s going to be a remote note in any transposed key.

If you make enharmonic changes to the Parts, they won’t show up in the Score. You’ll have to do them manually, though. I don’t know whether a transposition override on the Layout would help.

But I suspect that you’d be better off writing a Bb in the score.