Concert pitch and key signature


I copied a score where trumpets and timpani are in D. Very standard… In Setup Mode I have added the trumpets as “D without key signature”.
Everything fine.
Now I was asked to produce a score in concert pitch. That’s fine, but the accidentals show up in front of the notes and not as key signature (obviously). How can I please my customer? Somehow by adding the two # - so the key signature shows up in concert pitch view too?
Do I have to change instrument - or can I just override the key signature for those staves somehow?
Thanks for a little help.

I tried it and, unsurprisingly, found that even 1-staff key sigs do not show on a no-key-sig instrument. So you’ll have to change instruments.

By the way, the above score says “Timpani in D” but clearly the notation is concert pitch, so that’s a misnomer (unless you specify the actual drum pitches i.e. “in D, A”). I have seen scores with the same Timpani notes written as C and G – so, actually transposing. This can be accomplished with a transposition override if you need it.

Thanks Mark,
I managed by changing instruments to “… in D”
Luckily they show up as transposed without Key Signature in the score - if I switch back to transposed view.
So I am happy, because I can see the score in transposed view w.o. Key Signatures for Trombe/Clarini/Trumpets and (Horn… I mean) Timpani.
I couldn’t convince the organist and the harpsichord player to use this view, they want Concert Pitch, so for them the additional Layout in C.P. is perfect.