Concert pitch short cut

Please would you consider giving us a keyboard shortcut to switch between Concert pitch view and Transposed view? Or a button down near the hand/select and galley/page tool.

Unless I’ve missed the option already?

There’s no shortcut by default but you can easily create one yourself!

  1. Under the “Dorico” menu, go to Preferences, and then to Key Commands.

  2. Search for “ChangeLayoutTransposition” (that’s its literal name in the list).

  3. You can set a keyboard shortcut for both transposing and C. It doesn’t look like you can make a toggle though, unless there’s a clever way to do that somehow. They’re two separate commands.

Thanks! I couldn’t find it in key commands but now I know what I’m looking for, thank you. I’d still like to see a toggle switch built in at some stage though (he says hopefully)