Concerto piece with "one" movement -- more flows than one?

I am working on a 19th century fantasia concertante. Many sections in different keys and meters, but clearly one long movement – sofar I am using one single flow.

What would be pros and cons of dividing it into several flows? I can think of some but would be very happy for some input from you.

If there are no ‘stops and restarts’; and no titles, e.g. “II”, then I’d do it as one flow.


Splitting the movement into several flows will lead to a layout, where in each instrumental part each flow will start at the beginning of a system.

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… and without cautionary notification of changes of meter and key on the new system.

I concur with @benwiggy that this particular structure calls for a single flow.


Thank you all,

I’ll keep the single flow solution.