Concurrent time signatures

Hello, I am setting Bach’s Canonic Variations on ‘Von Himmel hoch’ and the first variation has 12/8 in the manuals and c in the pedals. I’m sure there’s a way to do this but I seem to be missing it. Can anyone help please?

Welcome to the forum @norburyk1! Here’s a very apt example for your situation :slight_smile:

Hi Lillie,
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. However, this doesn’t really solve my issue. I need a compound time signature on the manuals and a simple time signature in the pedals. If necessary however, I’ll just write the pedal part in 12/8 as well, but I’d like to keep as close to then original as possible.
Thanks again for your answer.

Kevin, in what way does that not solve your issue - it describes how to have different simultaneous time signatures, albeit using hidden tuplets to make them line up (as rhythmic position in Dorico enforces consistent durations, so a crotchet equals a crotchet across all staves, Dorico doesn’t do automatic metrical modulation yet). It even uses the same pairing of time signatures as you’re looking for.

You have to give some players an independent time signature (pay particular attention to the last step), then get the next barline lining up again (e.g. by re-inputting a normal barline there for everyone) and use tuplets to make everything fit and look correct (you can hide tuplet backets and/or numbers or ratios if needed).

My sincere apologies Lillie - I stand here duly chastened! I did not see all of the document the first time. This has solved my problem.
Thank you again!