Condense staves with Instrument Change

I’m working with a full score which begins with Clarinet 1 & 2 in A and then changes to B flat. When I condense the score, the Clarinets in A condense properly but the Clarinets in B flat continue to show separately. When I combine the A & B flat instrument Players, the Parts show both instruments properly. I’m trying to have the condensed A Clarinet staff transition to a condensed B flat Clarinet staff in the full score, only showing one staff for condensed Clarinets throughout. Can this be done and, if so, what should I be doing? Thanks.

As Todd (and the manual) suggests, use two pair of players, one with a Bb clarinets and the other with A clarinets. And create layouts that have both first Bb and A clarinet, and second Bb and A clarinet players.


Keep in mind that instrument changes aren’t handled automatically if they belong to different players, so you’ll need to add them manually using Staff Text, in the Instrument Change Labels paragraph style.