Condensed and not condensed slurs tweaking

Is there a way of propagating slurs properties that I have edited manually to their condensed counterpart?

For instance – unison passage in two oboes where the slur needs a bit of tweaking. Easily done globally, but the adjustment does not affect the condensed slur. And if I tweak the condensed slur, it will not affect the non condensed ones.


No, unfortunately you cannot currently propagate properties from uncondensed to condensed staves.

Thank you for confirming, Daniel.

I am working on a requiem, and in the condensed score the slurs and dynamics were creating havoc as far as doubled items. I did find 2 work around’s.
Assuming slurs and dynamics are the same.

In your full score remove the slurs from, say, flute 2. Select the slurs from Flute 1, copy them and delete them. Select the first note in flute 1 and flute 2 and paste in the slurs.

Second work around; select the doubled slurs, in the property panel, change the color black’s alpha value from 255 to 0. This set the items color to transparent. They will still be there but invisible.

The condensed score will show the desired results.

Dynamics and hairpins are similar, but take extra time dealing with, as the alignment in much more complicated because you have to deal with group, ungroup, remove from group, unlink, and link. After much effort with trial and error, I have been able to achieve the results in want.


I understand what you say, but I don’t follow you completely. How would this method affect the condensed slurs? I do not have the problems you describe, I just want to be able to edit one slur and have that edit transferred to the condensed one.

You might want to check your condensing options. There is no reason these need to be doubled. Just a thought.