Condensed b.trombone+tuba rests question

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I have a condensed staff that contains bass trombone and tuba.
I’m wondering why the final rest of a condensed measure (the tuba voice) is not showing.
Is there a setting I have accidentally turned on? or one I have forgotten to turn off?

It’s the 2nd measure of 5/4, after the two quarter note rests there SHOULD be a half note rest, but I can’t seem to make it show. It’s in the individual tuba part, it appears when I look at Galley view, it’s only in the condensed score that the rest is missing.

I found in condensing options that I could set a minimum length for a rest to be erased, which fixes this trombone/tuba part…
except it now creates a problem in a condensed horn part, where only horn 1 is playing.
horn one starts on beat 4 (of a 5/4 measure), so there is a half note rest.
when I select a longer value for the “minimum length of range of rests to allow hiding” it adds a superfluous rest underneath the 1st horn part, as though it needs to include a rest for 2nd horn, which is not playing in that measure (nor the subsequent measure… but no extra rest shows in that measure)

You should be able to come to a reasonable solution using a condensing change. You can override the value of the Minimum length to hide rests for silent players option in a condensing change.

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ok, I got my rest to show in the tuba part…
except making this change pushed the trombone’s label over by a whole measure.

an additional question: is there a setting for establishing where instrument labels in condensed staves will appear? (ie: above or below a staff)

In general, condensing labels appear on the side of the staff corresponding to the stem direction used for the voice, but I think this might be different for custom condensing groups of dissimilar instruments.

any idea why the label for b. trombone moved to the end of the note like that?

Not without seeing the project, no.

Because of the Tuba note in the previous measure. In the next measure only the Bass Trombone is playing, so Dorico needs to specifically identify it.

well, if that’s the logic, it’s… a bit faulty?
no score identifies an instrument that’s already been playing a held note for 5 beats.

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