Condensed divisi and missing slur

I have a problem in a file which I can’t figure out.

In the 1st violins, there’s a slur starting after the unison has been restored. However, it doesn’t show up in the first system, the notes are not selectable (as if they were condensed, but they aren’t), although voice colors show up (which suggests they’re not condensed); and (related or not) there’s a weird spacing problem with the first grace note in the next system which doesn’t make much sense.

Can anybody suggest what’s going on? Is it a bug or something I’m missing?

no slur.dorico (475.7 KB)

I’m afraid this is indeed a bug. When you have a transition to or from a unison passage when writing for divisi, it’s not uncommon for a slur not to appear on one of the staves. The reason the notes are not selectable is that you are also using condensing, which of course prevents notes from being selectable or editable. I’m afraid there’s not a lot you can do here except try to find a solution that involves moving the restoration of unison either to a different rhythmic position, or onto the same system as the rest of the phrase. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Thank you Daniel! I’ll work around it.

Hello Daniel,

I have a similar issue with missing slurs after condensing. The crotchets in the viola part should be slurred, just as in the violin II part, but after condensing the slur disappeared. I have already tried to delete the unison in the bar after the crotchets to see what happens, I have also tried moving the divisi somewhere else, but it did not sole the problem. Interestingly, I do get the slur in the violin 2 part. Would you have any suggestion on how to work around this bug please? Thank you very much


Unfortunately there aren’t any workarounds at the moment that I can think of. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

@lucas_r_r @dspreadbury The one workaround I found to this, believe it or not, is to add a little l.v. tie using the bottom menu (in engrave mode) and then move that around to look like a proper slur. Kinda works!