Condensed instrument names?

When I have 2 or even 3 instruments per staff in condensed form, I find that there is way too much space between the “1” & “2” vertically. That’s especially apparent when there is 1 2 3 vertically. Is there any place I can reduce that?

Thanks !!

No, there are no options for that at present. You might find that using a different font for your staff labels gives a slightly tighter result, if that’s an option.

Thanks Daniel, that’s not an option unfortunately. Using Minion Pro per the Publisher, and the vertical space between numbers is very large. When putting 3 instruments on a staff in a vertically tight page. The numbers are way too spaced out.


Yes, the numbers in Minion Pro are especially small in comparison to the bounding box of the font. I’ve made a note of this as something for us to provide some additional control over, but it’s not something we can do at the moment.

Where are the font settings located for the condensed instrument names? This page states “Player labels use the Condensation Labels paragraph style, which you can edit in the Paragraph Styles dialog” but I don’t seem to have that paragraph style. Do I need to create it first?

That page is out of date: the paragraph style is called Player labels.

Got it, thanks!