Condensed score brackets

I have a band score that includes a low brass group of 2 trombones, 1 euphonium, 1 bass trombone and 1 tuba. (In that order.) When I condense this as trombones 1 & 2, euphonium, bass trombone & tuba the bracket only includes the first two staves and Dorico will not let me extend it to include the third. If I don’t condense the bass trombone and tuba staves, the bracket includes all 4 staves. Is this a flaw in Dorico or am I doing something wrong?

OK, some more data. I clicked on Engrave → Reset Bracketing and that corrected the bracket on the low brass. But, it changed the bracket on the percussion section. When I extended the percussion bracket, ALL the other brackets disappeared.

I’m afraid it’s a bug. I’ve experienced that too.
However, it seems to be fixed for the next release, assuming the case fits.

Yes I’ve been having this problem too! Fingers crossed for it being fixed in the next version!

Same problem here.
Meanwhile, I’ve found an easier solution than bracket change… In Setup Mode, add the percussion to a new group. That will force the percussion players to have the same bracket without messing the other bracket groups and condensing doesn’t affect this at all.