Condensed Score Oddities

I’ve noticed that in some cases using a condensed score changes the transcription of the rhythm (but not always; there’s an identical spot earlier in the score, and that rhythm does not get changed). Is there any way to control this?

Not condensed:


Also, all my lyrics on the top two staves are identical; sometimes they get collapsed below the condensed staff, and sometimes they’re split above and below (you can see the difference between the first and second measures here). I’d like them to always be condensed below. Can I control that?

Can you please provide the project file itself so I can take a look at it? Zip it up and attach it here. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to diagnose these kinds of problems from pictures.

You cannot currently control how lyrics are condensed. Dorico’s not as smart about that yet as it needs to be, but that is something we will continue to work on in future versions of the software.

In bar 46, S1 has one tied note, while S2 has two slurred notes. Because they’re rhythmically different, Dorico will condense the parts into double-stemmed notation automatically. It will do this for the entire phrase—anything between two rests, so from the second 8th of bar 45 until the next (off-screen) rest. Double-stemmed condensing will also automatically keep both lines of lyrics visible.
Concerning the rhythmic notation: because there is an invisible phrase break at the second 8th of bar 45, Dorico can’t “see” the whole measure at a time, and can’t make assumptions about what’s on the first 8th. And because syncopation in 3/4 time is only valid if the rhythmic content is e-q-q-e and nothing more, you will see tied notes.
Assuming you’re running the latest version, put a Condensing Change on the 1 of 46; check the Soprano group on the left side of the dialog, don’t change any other settings. This will force the phrase to break there.

I think I understand what’s going on from hrmbouma’s excellent explanation. I’ve decided not to use condensing on this project, but it looks as though I need to upgrade to 3.1 to get the Condensing Change option. Not a project for today, unfortunately!