Condensed Scores

After finding out how to condense scores I have a couple of observations. Prior to learning how to condense a score, I could edit parts. However, now if I try to highlight and edit a part that has been condensed into a single staff, I have to go the the part view to make edits. True or false? Secondly, I notice that parts are condensed in some places in the score, but not in others where I deem it feasible and do not see it condensed. This I don’t quite understand.

False. (EDIT was answered as “true” originally)

This is likely something that is due to your settings. Can you post an example project that demonstrates what you get, along with some info on what you’d like?

False. You edit your score in Galley View.

Condensing is very complicated. There are many settings that affect how Dorico does the condensing and many adjustments you can make to change how Dorico initially does its condensing.

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Sorry, I misread the bit about editing condensed music. @Janus is completely correct and edit has been made.


Hadn’t considered that option, which is wonderful. Thanks!

Will do.

If you’re still making edits, condensing should be off. It really shouldn’t be turned on until the very last second… it’s quite CPU intensive so will make edits extremely slow.

True, but I always find something. Part of the learning process, I suppose.

Xmas Medley_for Forum.dorico (1.1 MB)
In this excerpt I am wondering why all three trombones could not have been on one staff and why the 2nd and 3rd clarinets could not have been on the same staff in both frames.

In these situations you can use manual condensing changes to arrange parts to suit your needs.

I thought that might be the case. I will look into it to see how to do it. Thank you.