Condensed staff with "Allow instrument changes" disabled not showing music of doubling player

Hi there, I encountered a bug where music for a doubling player may not show up in a condensed staff if “Allow instrument changes” is disabled in the Layout Options. Enabling that option or removing the other instrument fixes the issue. See attached project (using Dorico 3.1 on Windows 10.) (516 KB)

Why would you expect a doubling player’s music to show up (outside of Galley View) if the layout has disabled it?
Perhaps I have misunderstood.

My understanding is that disabling “Allow instrument changes” would force all doubling player’s instruments to be represented on multiple staves, instead of having a “To X.” instrument change text on the same staff.

With condensing disabled, it works as expected: the music is split into Flute 3 and Piccolo (because “Allow instrument changes” is disabled), and the empty Piccolo staff is hidden (because “Hide empty staves” is enabled). When I turn on condensing, Flute 3 should additionally get condensed into the Flute 2 staff, but instead it isn’t shown at all.

Dorico does not handle condensing for any instrument other than the first one held by the player. This is a limitation that we expect to relax in future.

I’m also having problems with groups of barlines that changes in a condensed score where there are instrument doublings. Are those issues expected for now?
E.g. Trp/Flh are grouped together from start, but when they change instruments the barlines are separated.

Without seeing the project I’m not sure what to suggest. In general you should expect barline joins to follow instrument family groupings, unless you have explicitly forced them otherwise using a bracket and barline change in Engrave mode.

I’m sorry Daniel, that was a very unclear question…

In orchestral scores I like to have one bracket for wood’s and one for the brass. Within each bracket I then separate the barlines between each instrument group. (I.e. flutes, oboes, clarinets etc) to make it easier to read for the conductor.
This works fine as long as there are no doublings. When one player changes instruments I’ll have to edit the barlines, which is logical. But when turning condensing on that doesn’t work. But what I’ve read here in another comment from you, there are some more work do do with condensing and instrument doublings.

In general condensing doesn’t work with players holding multiple instruments – or, more precisely, Dorico will only condense the first instrument held by the player. This is something we are planning to address.

Yes, I saw that in a reply from you in another post. No worries. Condensing is a HUGE step forward!

Does anyone have a workaround for this?