Condensed 'unis' not displaying (sometimes..)

Hi everyone,

I have noticed on some condensed scores after a div section, when the players unison is restored the ‘unis’ sign is not displayed… I can’t seem to find a way to get the sign to display, even though it should display automatically. The signpost for ‘Unis.’ is shown, however no actual marking on the score is displayed. Please see the screenshot below:

Does anyone have any ideas I can try - scratching my head…! Thanks a lot.


Interesting, after a very cursory test that’s not the case for me. Perhaps if you’re able to share the project (or a cut-down snippet that still demonstrates the problem) someone might be able to dig a bit deeper?

In the meantime, you should be able to change the unison text in Engrave mode by selecting just the unison signpost and changing the “Custom text” in the Divisi group of the Properties panel.

This was a bit broken in 3.5.0 but fixed in 3.5.10, to the best of my knowledge. Wes, are you up to date?

Thanks for looking into this guys.

Lillie - I have done your ‘workaround’ for the time being, thanks for that. Interestingly, when I try to isolate this bars for uploading my score to the forum, by turning condensing off, deleting prior bars and subsequent bars, then turning on condensing again, the ‘unis’ sign appears again… very odd. There are a few points where ‘div’ is also not displaying when it should in this score too.

Leo - I am currently on, so it looks like this may still be buggy.