Condenser mic, dull sound

I have a brand new Rode NT1 mick but it sounds dull. I have had this problem before. I also have a Rode VideoMic and this does not sound dull. What can be wrong with my NT1-mic? I use a UR22 interface, the videomic is connected to a samsung galaxy tablet.
I can not upload the two waw-files for some reason?

Could be you’ve calibrated your ears to the brighter sound of the video mic so the NT1 sounds dull in comparison. The Video mic has quite a bump at 9-13 kHz; ~ 5 dB

Rode Video Mic

Rode NT1


Difficult to say without any information on your setup.
Could be the cables, preamps, or anything else.
More info please!

And, there’s always the possibility that you were talking into the wrong side of the microphone. OF COURSE nobody does this mistake EVER, but you never know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(The 3dB difference is substantial though.)

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I had the exact same thing… Someone was complaining about his mic so I told him to bring it to the studio. I plugged it in, handed him the mic and told him to test it.
It was definitely ‘dead’ sounding.
I looked at it, turned it around, ‘try it now’.
All fixed !! ha-ha
It DOES happen!


I have tried both sides of the mic, so, thats not the case… I have a problem with my steinberg 12pro, if I upload files that sound great they become dull and not beautifull anymore. The stereo-width is also narrower, its completely destroyd. I have tried muliple times with many files and the same happens. So something is wrong with my setup. I have not had this problem before, its a new PC and a UC22 inteface. Its not the inteface fault, the files do sound bad even if I download them to my ipad and I listen to it in that. I want to upload images of screencapture to show you my setup, I am probably doing something wrong.

So, from inside Cubase it sounds fine, and then once you mixdown they don’t sound nice anymore?

No it sound shity already inside Cubase. Thanx for you help, I am partialy a novice, I have done nice things in cubase but I have some holes in myh knowldge.

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I’m going to make some assumptions here.

I’m seeing that all your tracks are mono, even the delay and fx tracks. This will obviously create a “narrow” (and that’s an understatement) image. I’m also seeing that the UR22C offers DSP effects for easy direct monitoring. I assume that you are using this because otherwise trumpet and bari would be complaining about the 16 + 19 ms latency.

So, could it be that you are somehow listening to your mix with the UR22c’s effects, and you’re making mixing decisions to make what you hear sound good, but once you mix down, Cubase only outputs what’s there on the tracks, and that doesn’t sound good?

Edit: Probably it’s not it, I replied too fast.

Is there something in particular that sounds “bad”? First thing I would do is substitute the mono reverb for a stereo one. Depending on the delay’s usage, that too could be made stereo.

Thanx, its a good suggestion, I should have stereo tracks. I download the files to my ipad and also in this it sounds shity, so whatever is inside my interface is not the problem. It could be that I use monotracks,I will check this.

OH! Now I’m seeing (second coffee) that you have stereo material on mono audio tracks, besides the fx. That’s definitely a big difference!

YES That was the problem, I changed to stereotrack, now its fine THANX


I am still workick with the problem with my mic and it can be OK, it copuld be that the videomic is changing its sensitivity depending on the strength of the signal, so it picks up very weak sounds when its quiet it the room, the NT1 does not do this so…

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Just for the sake of curiosity. Where did those stereo files come from? The NT1 is just a microphone, a mono signal. Is the video-mic stereo?

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I dont have vocals on this project, the problem with the mic is in another project. It is very nice now, I have whats called “progressive brainfog” It is as bad as it sounds, I got it from being in my house full of blackmold for 2 months. I live in another place now but the fog is not gone yet, so… You may get more strang/ignorant questions from me…

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No problem! There are no strange questions! Keep on making that music! :partying_face: :loud_sound:

That sucks, sorry to hear it. Maybe time to make lemonade out of lemons: Brain Fog and Blackmold would be great song titles!

Ha, ha, thanx, I realy need some empathy and cheering up right… now. I think I solved the problem with the mic, its the headphones; I am trying to build a new studio and I bought very cheap headphones and when I listened to Augileras “Genie in a bottle” it gave me nothing, the phones kill mid-range and low-range, they where 20usd so… I should have put some more money in that budget.

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I have bad sound in the mic with my vocals, BUT I am open to the possibility that it is my voice being in a bad mood. But there is one thing that I am perplexed about, I can not increase the volume of the vocals at all, it starts to become distorted, the signal goes up in the red, the other signals I can push up much higher before they become distorted, isnt that strange? To hear my vocals I need to turn everything else far down.