Condenser mic plugged in but Cubase using laptop mic??


I want to preface that I am an absolute beginner and am hoping that I have somehow just made a simple mistake!

I am having an issue with Cubase. I have a condenser microphone plugged into my audio interface. Through my headphones (also plugged into the audio interface), I can hear that sound is being picked up from the condenser mic. However, Cubase seems to be reacting to the mic within my laptop as opposed to the condenser mic (ie I click near my laptop and Cubase reacts, but when I tap the condenser mic, Cubase does not react). When I go to record a track, no sound comes through at all.

I have Cubase LE Al Elements 9 and a UR22 mkII audio interface. I am using a computer with Windows 10 installed. I have updated Cubase and have had to reactivate the product recently. The software opens and the UR22 mkII appears to be working (USB light on, phantom power turned ‘on’ at back of console, etc). I really have no idea why this issue is occurring and it hasn’t happened before.

Just wondering if anyone has heard of this issue before and knows how to resolve it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Read the manual on how to select the correct driver for your used audio interface, and input port in Cubase

which operating system are u using?
Google search for… how to turn off a laptop microphone

Thank you, the driver was the issue! The Yamaha Steinberg USB driver on my laptop was no longer working, but I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the latest version off the Steinberg website. Thanks for your help! :smiley: