Condensing: 1 mvt. missing out

I am trying out the new condensing feature.
Amazing results I get with just one click.
I do have an issue though.
The first piece I am trying this is a classical concerto with three movements (flows).
2 Flutes, 2 Bassoons and 2 Horns, very simple.
The 2 Horn players are holding two instruments:
1st Movement Horn in G (no key signature)
2nd Movement Horn in C (no key signature)
3rd Movement Horn in G (no key signature)
The horn parts are very simple, the rhythm is always parallel, the first horn always above the second.

For some strange reason, the two horn parts are not being condensed in movement 2, where the instruments are Horn in C. They are fine in movement 1 and 3.
I have not touched any of the default settings concerning condensing. Why could it be, that only the 2 horns in movement 2 do not condense?
Thank you for help.

We’d need to see the project, or at least the horn staves for the 2nd movement.

Since your horn instruments don’t have a key signature, turn on the key signature signposts with the score in concert mode and make sure you don’t have conflicting key signatures for the two horns in the movement that doesn’t condense. I had this very problem on a score I was working on.

Actually, come to think of it, there’s a documented limitation.

See page 12 of the Version History. You could work around it by using four horn players instead of two. If you group them separately in Setup mode then you can have two Horn 1s and two Horn 2s. Then you can construct two part layouts, one of which contains both Horn 1s and one of which contains both Horn 2s (or is that Horns 1 and Horns 2?).

You should get two Horn 1s and two Horn 2s without grouping, unless you change the Engraving Option for Staff Labels.

I thought that, since the Horns change “key” (crook) for an entire flow, one could create one layout for all “four” horns? The 2 horns in G would be chosen for flows 1 and 3, the C horns for flow 2. That seems to work. (924 KB)

pianoleo, thank you. This does explain it perfectly, it is a limitation documented in the version history.
In classical scores it is very common though that horn players change their instruments (i.e. crooks) from movement to movement and even in between. And quite often it is more than just two keys…
And thank you (also Rob and Derrek) for the workaround with setting up 4 players.

Hi, the Derrek solution is fine for 2 horns. But with 4 horns (for exemple 1.2 in G and 3.4 in D in the 1st mvt and 3.4 change in F for the 2nd mvt), how do you do ? Thank you very much !

Are you talking about the full score or the individual horn parts? How you assign the player (numbers) would not be as important as how you assign the keys/crooks.

Welcome to the forum, @themicrosinfonia. You’ll need to use separate players each holding one horn in a particular transposition rather than having players holding multiple horns. Then your part layouts for the horns can include Horn 1 in F and Horn 1 in D (or whatever), and it’ll switch between the two players for each flow.