Condensing adjacent Violin Players

What I’m after is three staves for Violin I per the screenshot, but after I Divide the Violins I into three they all get condensed into a single staff even though my Layout options said no condensing of adjacent Violin Players.

The results in the cut down diagnostic project attached aren’t exactly what I’m getting in the full project which Condenses Violin I,1&2 together and gives me a separate staff for Violin I,3

Here’s what I’m after:
Viol I divi a 3

But I’m not getting it here:
Viol I divi a 3.dorico (488.7 KB)

It looks like your layout options for condensing are set to allow condensing of adjacent section players and section player divisions, and you have a custom condensing group of Vln 1-2.

If you don’t want Vln 1-2 to condense, delete the custom condensing group?

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…and tell divisi not to condense. I suspect you’ve misunderstood what’s meant by “adjacent section players” - turning that off just prevents Dorico from condensing Violin 1 and Violin 2 to a single staff. The options immediately above dictate what should be done with divisi staves within the same player.

Thank you both @Lillie_Harris @pianoleo I have what I want now.
I can’t say I entirely understand the relationship between all the settings in the Condensing properties for that layout but … I’ve got a better idea and I’ll know where to go to experiment.

So with this:

… I get this: