Condensing (adjacent whole notes instead of a 2)


On the first page of my condensing orch score, the two bassoons are playing in unison the whole time. But rather than seeing “a 2” as I do in most other parts of the score (and even on this page in other instruments), Dorico is giving me two adjacent whole notes (same note). Not sure why it made this choice - is there a way to force it to do “a 2” instead?

Usually this is caused by the two parts not being in exact rhythmic unison for the entirety of the phrase, forcing the music onto up-stem and down-stem voices. This can be caused by several things: a playing technique or a bit of text that’s only in one of the parts, or a dynamic that’s rhythmically offset by 1/16. Also, Dorico looks at the entire phrase, meaning “everything between two rests”. Sure, at the start you have unison whole notes, but perhaps the lines differ at the end of the phrase? Without seeing your score, it’s impossible to know what’s causing this.
Also, the condensing feature in 3.0 is still far from fully developed, finer-grained controls have been promised in future updates. There is apparently an update imminent “before the end of the year”, too but we don’t know yet what will be in it.

The update is no longer “before the end of the year”. That much has been confirmed by the development team.

Oh, oops. I haven’t been reading the entire forum recently, where did they say that?

Here, for instance:

Thanks for this help - I simply can’t see where there’s any difference. I’m attaching two screen shots - one of the bassoons in galley view, and one of the same music in page view (there is no other bassoon music on the page).

I’m sure I’m missing something small - but… I can’t make it go away!

Ahh… but when I copied the music from Bassoon 1 into Bassoon 2… it solved the problem! So the advice you gave was correct, even if I never found the difference!

I can’t see any difference either, and the remark about phrases doesn’t apply either. Perhaps one of them was in another voice? Anyway, happy to help :slight_smile: