Condensing and brackets


when I condense my wind players, Flutes and Bassons get a bracket (a small and a big one) and the Horns get none. If I go to Layout Options - Brackets and Braces, I can change the Ensemble type, but this has no effect… Where can I configure this - how can I get the condensed Horns stave to display a bracket, too?

[edit] oops, I might have discovered a bug: now I manually added a bracket to the horn parts - before activating „Condensing“. Now I see the single bracket at the Horns - but no brackets at the Flutes and Bassoons any more. This seems strange.

condensing - after.png
condensing - before.png

ok., I have figured something out:
First: create groups in Setup Mode (groups will be bracketed, even after condensing)
Secondly: remove all prior Bracket Changes
Finally: re-apply all bracket changes, where necessary
It seems to be essential to apply Bracket Changes at the end of the procedures, otherwise one will get unexpected results.

Yes, bracketing and brace changes affect the staves you can actually see. Condensed staves are not the same as the uncondensed staves that the music came from.