Condensing and clefs for score and parts


I’m facing a particular case which doesn’t seem to have a solution, but I wanted to know your opinion. I have a section where horns 1 and 3 are tacet and horns 2 and 4 are in the F clef register. This means that in the score I want those sections to be in the F clef, but in the parts, I don’t want the horns 1-3 to show an F clef. Both score and parts are transposed, so I can’t use the “show in concert pitch” trick for the clefs.

The only think I can think of is to put the f clef in Horns 1 and 3 use the good ol’ trick of hiding it in parts with alpha channel and size, and hope of or enforce no system breaks at that point. Is there any other option?

I’m afraid I can’t help you, but please forgive me for going off topic.

In the second and fourth bars of your example, the horn that is not playing should display a whole rest rather than the assortment of rests making up a whole rest value. Do you know how to fix this? I’ve had the same problem. Maybe a manual condensing change (?)

No, I’m afraid there’s no other option I can think of. We have talked about what it might take to allow clefs (and octave lines) to be hidden in a particular layout, but it’s not simple and I’m afraid it’s not likely to be implemented imminently, though I hope we will be able to implement it eventually.

Thank you Daniel. I’ll do it this way for the time being.

Now that you say it, you’re right. I haven’t tried, but I don’t know if that’s possible!

I found a way. A Manual Condensing Change will consolidate the rests in the non playing part into a whole rest. See the attached settings. Be aware though, you might need to add another Manual Change that “resets” the condensing.

I’m working on a 300 bar Beethoven overture (Coriolan) and have had to make 40 condensing changes in order to have the very simple condensing appear as I want. There must be a better way!
I hope condensing is further improved soon so that it simply works as advertised.

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Thank you @notesetter ! I’ll try it!