Condensing and combining brass mutes

If I am condensing, say, two trumpets, one with a harmon and one open, and want to show “1. harmon” and “2. open”, I suspect the only way to do this is to use staff text (or perhaps a playing technique), show it in the score, and then manually hide it in the parts. Is this best practice? There’s no way to force a player label to appear such that I can add the appropriate suffix to the label?

Indeed, you can’t force a player label to appear. However, Dorico should show the playing techniques that you write on the original, uncondensed staves, so provided you add the required “mute” and “open” playing techniques to the music in the right spots, they will appear in the condensed music – albeit without the player number attached.

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Thank you. I have created playing techniques for all possible mutes as “1. harmon”, “2. harmon”, “1. open”, etc., using the Player Labels font style and then in the score I hide the normal techniques that will appear in the parts. When I layout the parts, I’ll just hide the techniques with the numbers. Should be easy, especially since there aren’t hundreds of them or anything!