condensing and slurs

For some reason, although the notes in the trumpets here are correctly condensed, the slurs in the 2nd trumpet are missing (they are present in galley view). When condensing gives folds two parts into one stem that would be OK, but when there are separate stems (like here) the slurs should appear above and below. Otherwise the conductor could assume that tpt. 2 has every note tongued separately. The horns do this, correctly.

At the moment, Dorico always amalgamates slurs when two voices are present if the positions and durations of the slurs are identical. We intend to add an option for this in a future update.

Thanks, Daniel. Curious, why do the horns in the first bar in unison have two slurs?

Because the slurs differ in that phrase.

I think belkina was maybe referring to the 3rd beat.

For me, I prefer to see both slurs, I don’t agree one is redundant theoretically, although I’ve seen that claim. If you wanted the upper voice to play slurred and the lower voice not to, if they were playing the same rhythm, there would be no way to notate that if Dorico is condensing slurs. Since it’s possible to write music where 2 players are playing the same phrase, one slurred and one not, then condensing slurs adds uncertainty when playing, and it’s not resolved by going back to the score either.

Yes, and so was I. That first bar is considered part of the same phrase, and Dorico makes its decisions on amalgamation for slurs etc. based on the contents of the whole phrase.

Regarding your preference for both sets of slurs to appear, I hope you were able to see my initial response in this thread, where I indicated that we were planning to add an option for this in a future update.

If your second trumpet is not in Upstem Voice 1 (before condensing), try changing it to Upstem Voice 1. That can affect slurring in some circumstances.

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But what about this case? If you look at the galley view, you see here that tpt. 2 has different slurs from tpt. 1. But they (the tpt 2 slurs) don’t appear at all when condensed.

Btw, I congratulate you (Daniel et the team) on this release. I’m not bringing these things up to be difficult, but to help iron out the kinks. :slight_smile:

That looks like a bug, Alan. Please cut the project down to those couple of bars in those two players and attach it here so we can take a look.

I tried doing that, and it changes the appearance of those bars. For some reason, during cutting out the music before and after, the slur disappears in galley view as well, but then if I try to put in a new slur there, 2 slurs appear instead of one. So should I send you the whole file by email? If so, what is your email address?

d (dot) spreadbury (at) steinberg (dot) de.

Thanks Dan. I just sent it off to Daniel.

I think I’m having a similar issue as belkina exposed—concerning a hidden slur when condensing is on. Daniel, has this bug been fixed in the next update?
Edit: As Derrek pointed out, changing Oboe 2 voice to Up-stem voice 1 solved the problem. Thanks!