Condensing Bug involving bar repeats

Hey all,

Been a Dorico user for over a year now, and this is the first time I’ve encountered an issue that I don’t think anyone has posted about.

The issue is quite simple, although the parameters surrounding it are oddly specific and might have something to do with the project settings (admins, I am happy to send along a copy of the project if you need that to investigate further).

Basically, I have a section of players (trombones 1, 2, 3) that are not condensing on one page of the score, even though they should be. All 3 are playing the exact same 4 bars, in unison (I actually copy/pasted the line in galley mode to make sure it is EXACTLY the same), but are displaying as 3 identical staves instead of 1 condensed stave with “a 3”

On all the other pages of this score, there are no issues at all with the trombones condensing. What makes this one different is that there is a bar repeat section, in which each trombone is playing a different line, that ends on the last bar of the previous page. By experimenting, I found out that if I delete just the last bar of the bar repeats for each individual player, leaving a 1-bar rest before the page turn, the 3 trombones immediately condense into 1 line as they should, but as soon as I extend the bar repeats to the end of the page, they split back into 3 identical lines. There is also a time signature change on the page turn, but it does not seem to be affecting the problem at all, whereas changing the bar repeats definitely does.

I have attached 2 screenshots for reference, one with the bar repeat showing the issue, and the other with the last bar deleted like I said above, where the problem goes away.

UPDATE: just found another way to make the problem go away. If I switch the bar-repeats to ALL be 2-bar repeats (instead of a 1-bar repeat in tb 3), and line up their starting points to the exact same measure, the lines also condense correctly like in the 2nd photo, even with the bar repeats going all the way to the end of the page. It seems this issue happens specifically when coming OUT of bar repeats that are different in count and/or length.

I don’t know if this oddly particular problem could create issues in other areas, but if it’s worth looking into it would at least save my pages a little space and my printers a little ink on the next go round.


Try putting a Condensing Change on the first beat of the second page. You don’t need to tell it to do anything; just put the Condensing Change in place. This will force Dorico to consider the following notes as a new phrase, which it can’t do automatically unless there are rests immediately preceding.