Condensing bug - playing techniques

I just encountered a very weird and annoying bug in condensing mode:
I have the horn part which is stopped horn, and on the general score I added all + and o signs in order to indicate that, but for some reason when I go to condensing mode, they mysteriously disappear.
I try many ways to fix it, I am working for 2 hours for this stupid little thing and no succes, beside making a very nasty workaround : writing text and fixing it in engrave.
Even more strange, when I choose another splinting point for the system, suddenly a part of the indications appears.
Please take a look and at least take in consideration fixing this on the next update.

Symphony 3.2 - II (915 KB)

Thanks for this example. I can reproduce the problem, but only with the specific casting off shown in your project. If you change where the system break falls at the end of the first system, I think you’ll find that the + and o playing techniques then appear as expected. We will certainly look into fixing this in the future.

That happened also in another place in the project, so is not a singular bug. I can not change unfortunately the system break and even if I change it, there is still few bars later a problem with a + and o. Hope it will be better in the future.